Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teru Teru Bozu-A Japanese Goodluck Charm Against Rain

As the title suggests, the Teru Teru Bozu are handcrafted charms that ward off rain. Japanese people hang these outside of their house to keep away the rain, although we know that we need it here in America-heat waves galore are getting pretty bad.

After discovering one of these on Deviant Art, I decided to make my own. I pretty much failed the first one, but the second isn't too bad.

This is the first one, and he hangs from my computer desk/workspace. He doesn't have eyes and isn't the traditional color, white. I thought it would be nice to use up material that I have excess of, plus I didn't have enough white to make a nicely sized one.

And this is the second one I made! It is a teeny one which will go in my car.

Tell me, would you be interested in making one? Do you find this interesting?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butterfree Doll-For Sale!

This Butterfree plushie was handcrafted with a needle and hot glue. Hot glue is more durable and holds a doll together.

Butterfree is an adorable Butterfly Pokemon, and was featured in the original Pokemon episode "Bye Bye, Butterfree".

This guy is $15-$20, depending on what the bidder is willing to pay. This does include the shipping and handling price.

He is a foot tall from head to foot and has a wingspan of 14 inches. Contact me please if you're interested, or comment below.

Unfortunately, I do not ship outside of the US.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I love this guy, he's my favorite Pokemon.

This is a pillow of Ghastly! Unfortunately he has already been sold.


Pardon me for all of these posts. :P

This is Claude. He is a vampire. He likes playing Pacman and eating cheetos. (Did I spell that right?) He is a nerd beyond compare, also gothic, and has a purple airplane. Isn't he cute?


This is a hat of Lucario from Pokemon. Commission.

Chocobo Hat!

I love Final Fantasy, guys, just so you know, so when I was commissioned to make this hat, I was THRILLED! Admittedly the felt was a tad hard to find, however I finally snatched my hands on it and whipped this bad boy up.

Charmander Hat

Okay, so my titles are becoming a little less creative.

This is a Charmander hat! Charmander is a popular dragon-animal-creature from the hit show Pokemon.

This hat is for sale, which can be ordered from my etsy account: exactacrafts.